Specialized digital skills program for you, NGO activist!

“Digital ABC” for non-governmental organizations is a series of masterclasses providing digital tools, best practices, and deeper insights into technology solutions that will be useful to representatives of NGOs at work and in everyday life.

The language of the program will be English and it will take place entirely in a virtual environment meaning that anyone from anywhere in the world is welcome to join.

Participation in this program is free of charge to participants thanks to a grant from Google.org. For new participants the contents of the program (session recordings and tests) will become available from February 1.

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Masterclasses for Success!

Join our exclusive “Digital ABC” program designed specifically for non-governmental organisations. Our sessions provide invaluable insights, cutting-edge digital tools, and best practices to help you excel in your work and everyday life.

Expand Your Digital Toolbox

Stay ahead of the curve by gaining deeper insights into technology solutions that are relevant and useful for NGO representatives. From social media to AI tools, we cover it all to help you maximize your impact.

Global Accessibility

The language of the program is English, but don’t worry – it’s open to participants from all over the world! Our virtual environment allows anyone, no matter where they are located, to join and benefit from our sessions.

Gain a Competitive Edge 

By participating in “Digital ABC”, you’ll gain a competitive edge in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Equip yourself with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate through digital challenges and drive positive change within your organization.

Elevate Your NGO’s Potential 

Discover new possibilities for growth and success as we guide you through practical steps toward leveraging digital tools effectively. Unleash your NGO’s full potential by implementing innovative strategies that will make a lasting impact on your beneficiaries.


Join the “Digital ABC” program today and embrace the power of digital transformation. Together, let’s create a better world!

Product and project management

Opening and intro session

Design thinking and User experience


Website development (Wix, Tilda, etc.)

Project management (waterfall, agile, scrum, etc.)

Fundraising – tools and experience

KPIs and OKRs


Data analysis and processing

Data usage and tools

Personal data security

Institutional data security and GDPR

Cloud storage (GDrive, Dropbox, OneDrive)

Basics of digital marketing

SEO, content marketing, e-commerce

Digital tools

Digital tools for collaboration (slack, discord, miro, whimsical)

Digital tools for design (canva, figma)

Digital tool for efficiency (trello, asana, toggl)

Digital tools for presentation (canva, GSlides, prezi)

Public speech 101

Modern tech

Hybrid events

Machine learning and AI

AI tools (ChatGPT, Midjourney)

Overview of modern tech (VR / AR / XR, blockchain, crypto, IoT, web
3.0, 3d printing)

Closing event


Pauls Siliņš currently works as the co-creator at Riga TechGirls, while previously he has worked in such institutions and companies as the National Library of Latvia, TechHub Riga, TechChill, and Helve. Mainly as a producer of events, but also as their host, public relations specialist, and comms person. As a hobby, he has dabbled in writing and music journalism.


Oksana Tatarina is a project manager at Riga TechGirls with a solid background as a digital skills mentor, seasoned educator, and EdTech project manager. She is on a mission to empower people with digital skills and let them tap into their inner tech geniuses. When she is not geeking over technology, she rocks out on the drums.


Aiva works on the board of Riga TechGirls and her main areas of expertise are website development, event hosting, and education. 
Aiva believes that the ability to use different technologies is a huge resource for achieving better results – both in everyday life and in the learning process. Technology is not scary, you just need to know how to present it correctly!


Anna is the CEO, mentor, and program creator at Riga TechGirls. Anna has been actively involved in the development of the Latvian start-up ecosystem for more than 10 years, co-founding design technology start-ups berta.me and FROONT, actively working on the board of TechHub Riga, and creating THE MILL, a co-creation space for programmers and designers. She is also an active advocate for women’s empowerment and gender equality.


Laima Bauere is currently the communications and marketing wizard at Riga TechGirls and was previously that in Accenture Baltics. She loves an inclusive and diverse work environment and believes that digital literacy is a key factor towards the goal of a better world. In her free time, she plays Latvian folk music and roams around history re-enactment events in her medieval garments that she hand-stitches herself.


Elina is the co-creator at Riga TechGirls and founder of Women4Cyber Latvia. She has led the biggest Riga TechGirls program “Discover Tech” since 2021 and during that period over 12000 people have participated in it.
For Elina, it is important that technologies help in everyday life instead of making it more difficult.

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About Riga TechGirls

Riga TechGirls is an inclusive community empowering through tech, promoting diversity and challenging stereotypes for a better future. While initially focusing on educating and inspiring women and
girls about technology, throughout recent years we have been working hard at helping raise the level of digital literacy by teaching digital skills and tools to different important parts of society, like Teachers, Creatives, and Healthcare professionals.

Operating since 2015, we have experience in providing trainings, workshops, inspirational events,
hackathons, mentorships, educational programs, full-day conferences, and scholarship programs
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