Anna is the CEO, mentor, and program creator at Riga TechGirls.

Anna has been actively involved in the development of the Latvian start-up ecosystem for more than 10 years, co-founding design technology start-ups berta.me and FROONT, actively working on the board of TechHub Riga, and creating THE MILL, a co-creation space for programmers and designers. She is also an active advocate for women’s empowerment and gender equality.


Aleksa Krolls is the Co-Founder and Chief Customer Officer at OpenFn, a technology company that helps NGOs and governments in 40+ countries use workflow automation to enhance their programs’ efficiency, effectiveness, and data use.

 Over the last decade, Aleksa has consulted with over 200 social impact organizations on technology selection, data systems design, implementation, and planning for scale. She has direct experience implementing dozens of technologies used for data collection, management, and analysis—but most enjoys helping organizations think about how to ensure the long-term impact of their digital investments through planning and capacity-building strategies. While based in Riga, Latvia, Aleksa day-to-day works remotely with partners spread across Africa, Asia, and Europe. She holds a B.S. in Foreign Service from Georgetown University, with a focus in Global Health.


Laima Bauere is currently the communications and marketing wizard at Riga TechGirls and was previously that in Accenture Baltics. 

She loves an inclusive and diverse work environment and believes that digital literacy is a key factor towards the goal of a better world. In her free time, she plays Latvian folk music and roams around history re-enactment events in her medieval garments that she hand-stitches herself.


Industrial designer in the company “Bubblebee Industries”, previously coordinated the development of innovative products at the Science and Innovation Center of Riga Technical University.

He holds prototyping masterclasses for companies and academia internationally.


Nina is Startup and Venture Capital Lead at Google DACH with 14+ years of background in corporate sales, investment and marketing.

Beyond her core work in the Venture Capital and Startups scene , Nina dedicates a lot of efforts in philanthropy, she is the co-founder of Impact Force, a pioneering Ukrainian women-led non-profit organization that focuses on social behavioural change and fosters economic opportunities. Nina is also the esteemed founder of United for Ukraine, a notable initiative dedicated to addressing Ukraine’s imminent needs for emergency relief and consolidating actions to rebuild the country. She has been honoured as a Top Innovator by the World Economic Forum, highlighting her contributions to solving social challenges. Her dedication to driving positive change has earned her membership in prestigious organizations such as Schwab Foundation Alliance for Social Entrepreneurship. She is a Globsec Young Leader, BMW Foundation Responsible Leader, Women in Tech Advocate and Angel Investor, utilizing her extensive knowledge and network to support promising startups and fuel innovation.


I’m based in Warsaw, Poland. My education has very little to do with my career – I graduated from Russian studies and Interdisciplinary East Slavic European Studies in 2011 and gained experience at Deutsche Bank, Accenture, Cisco and now Google.

I went through a variety of different roles in tech around customer support, incident management, operations management, program management, people management and chief of staff – they all had one thing in common – people and cross functional collaboration – this is what kept me going in all my roles. I approach my tasks and relations from a place of curiosity. I enjoy brainstorming followed by building processes and ensuring things are happening after kick off.

I joined Google in July 2021 and work at Site Program Manager for Poland and CEE countries and on a daily basis I run strategy and operations at sites, connect leadership and scale site programs that align with Google priorities.

Giving back to the community is in my DNA and I try to help others as much as possible. In 2019 I went out of my comfort zone and without NGOs´ assistance went to Uganda to build a playgroup with a group of strangers, I have helped refugees and I’m supporting Ukrainians since day 1 of the war. I want to be a change that I expect to see in the world.


Mariama Wurie is an Equity & Inclusion Analyst at Google. She’s worked at Google for over 7 years and has been in tech for almost 10.

She graduated from the University of Virginia with a Commerce and Spanish double major bachelor’s degree. Her list of achievements expand far past work to include leading intersectional justice groups, inclusion panels, and mentorship. Mariama was born in the US, but has lived in the UK for over 5 years.

She has a big heart for justice and wants to make the world a much better place, especially for queer people and people of color. She loves sunlight, laughing too much, hugs, and reading (she finishes over 100 books a year).


Drawing on over a decade of experience, Rita delivers trainings from introductory workshops in data literacy to applied trainings in statistical thinking. 

She also provides strategic support for organisations seeking to build or leverage their capacity for data storytelling and evidence-based decision making. She brings the same passion of translating the theoretical to practical when she’s guiding professionals and organisations on data protection and digital privacy.


Alex is a curious mind and a lifelong learner intrigued by everything, from innovations, new tech marketing,  AI, leadership, music, art, and everything in between.

With 15+ years of experience in digital marketing and project management, Alex has worked for diverse agencies, in-house teams, and publishers. At the moment, Alex is the CTO at Tag Digital—an agency specializing in Event PPC.

Anna Vladimirova-Kryukova

Anna is a senior associate at COBALT Latvia, where she practices in the Intellectual Property, IT & Regulatory practice group.

Her main focus is data protection and technology matters. Anna is a Certified Information Privacy Professional/Europe, a Certified Lead Auditor of Information Security Management Systems, a registered Data Protection Officer with the Data State Inspectorate of Latvia and a cybersecurity expert. She has extensive experience in commercial matters related to start-ups.
Anna lectures at the Riga Graduate School of Law and Baltic Computer Academy on Information and Communications Technology Security and Data Protection and has published extensively on those subjects.


Meet Diana, a legal counsel at Startup Wise Guys, one of the top 5 EU accelerator-based investment funds.

With expertise in investment law, corporate financing, privacy and data protection, Diana navigates the legal complexities for VC funds, startups, and medium-sized companies. With a keen understanding of the startup ecosystem and a passion for technology law, Diana is dedicated to empowering female entrepreneurs and investors alike.

Rasa gulbe

Rasa is the COO and board member of the Latvian IT company DATI Group, Ltd.


DATI Group is one of the leading IT infrastructure companies in the region, offering cloud and system integration services tailored to any organization. With IT and management consulting experience gained both in Riga, Latvia and Boston, MA, Rasa is passionate about leveraging IT for tangible business outcomes.


Wei is a visionary leader who embodies the fusion of technology and art.

With a PhD in Mathematics and years of experience as an art advisor, Wei is at the forefront of the NFT revolution, redefining how we perceive and interact with art. As the CEO and Founder of Art Fungible platform, Wei is pioneering the integration of technology and creativity, and their passion for art and innovation shines through in every endeavor.

Līva Bleidele

Accomplished Digital Strategist and Full-Stack Marketer

With over 9 years of experience in the digital marketing field, I have collaborated with more than 90 local and global brands. My work has earned multiple marketing awards in the Baltics, showcasing my skills and dedication to top-notch digital marketing strategies.

Laila stancioff

Transformational coach, Author and Executive director at Process-U

Laila has been on the board of associations in different fields. Has managed multiple social projects locally in Brazil and Latvia, and on a European level. She also supports volunteers with training and coaching, embedded with her belief that learning and self-awareness stimulate people to actively take control of their lives and, consequently, build a society that is more human. Laila has prepared organizations to be certified in BCorp, and locally, in Latvia, for “Family friendly workplace” and Diversity and inclusion (“Dažādība ir spēks”). Get in touch and learn more: lailastancioff.com

Anna krasovska

Anna works in a governmental organization as a project manager for innovative entrepreneurship development.

Anna helps organize events such as Deep Tech Atelier conference, entrepreneurship competitions, and training sessions for scientists and entrepreneurs. Inher free time, she’s learning UX design.

tamara liulchak

UI/UX Designer at Accenture Baltics

At the moment Tamara decided to switch her career, she knew nothing about IT industry. But today she has over four years of experience in design, and is currently working at Accenture Baltics. Her work is also her passion and that’s why she is constantly looking for opportunities to improve her skills and gain new knowledge.

juliana boos

Training & Onboarding Specialist at Prezi


Juls is originally from Brazil but has been living in Budapest for almost a decade now. She started her journey at Prezi 5 years ago, at first as a Localization Coordinator, and more recently joined the Training Team for EMEA/APAC regions. She enjoys creating customized experiences that empower users to thrive from the beginning and strives to help them have a smooth transition from a more conventional way of presenting to discover their full potential and creativity using Prezi.

Kimberly Dmitruk

Senior Training & Onboarding Specialist at Prezi

Kim is a senior training & onboarding specialist at Prezi, where she helps users learn how to create and deliver awesome presentations.  Once described as “not a computer person,” she enjoys making Prezi easy to learn and accessible to everyone who wants to create great content, whether or not they consider themselves “tech-savvy.”  Kim hosts live training sessions every week on a wide range of topics, from building your first Prezi to having more confidence while presenting, where she shares practical tips you can start using in your very next presentation

Oksana tatarina

Project Manager at Riga TechGirls

Oksana is a passionate digital skills mentor and educator. She supports people to build their confidence and skills in the use of digital technology.
IT and EdTech project manager.
Learning and Development expert with 15+ years of professional experience in training adults.

Kristaps Pētersons

Member of the Board of Directors
at the Presentation Guild

Kristaps is a member of the Board of Directors at the Presentation Guild, an organisation based in Cincinnati, Ohio, US. With more than 10 years of experience in crafting high-stakes presentations, his global client base includes international businesses, organisations and governments from the US, Europe and United Arab Emirates.

Vanda dauksta

Communications professional

Vanda Dauksta is U.S. born and educated communications professional with 20+ years (the past 16 in
Europe) of experience in pitching, sales, and business development. Vanda has been a lecturer, public
speaking trainer, moderator on 3 continents. She is an award-winning international public speaker and
evaluator who enables others, especially those whose native language is not English, to communicate
their ideas more effectively.

Elīna Lidere

Head of Innovation Ecosystems
at Latvijas Mobilais Telefons

Elina Lidere is the Innovations Ecosystems Lead at the LMT Innovations branch and is a 5G expert at the Latvian Internet and Communications Technology Association (LIKTA). She has over 20 years of first-hand experience in the tech and communications sector.

Elina is an active participant in the civic community as a co-creator at Riga TechGirls, a mentor for various startups and hackathons, innovation movement Vefresh, and more.

She is an avid supporter of the “tech for everyone” principle. Not only is she an active Riga Tech Girls member, but she has also co-founded an initiative where parents teach children to draw 3D drawings and animations in Blender.

Elina is also Computer science and information technologies PhD student at Riga Technical University.

Dmitri Sarle

Founder of Earthians

Dmitri Sarle explores humanity through entrepreneurship. Having founded five companies, invested in a dozen startups, exited a business, and bankrupted a couple – he is keenly exploring what “work” means in our society and what it is going to mean in the future.

To that end, he is a philosopher, an entrepreneur, and a mentor. Formerly he was the CEO of ArcticStartup, Arctic15, and co-founder of Co-Founder Magazine. Today he is looking into the future of work for both individuals and organizations as the founder of Earthians.com and a creator at Paths To Freedom. 

Equally as important is his passion for martial arts, tea-drinking, stoicism, and zen.

Lina kivaka

Product Manager at Pexels

Former Creative Projects Lead, Content Marketing Strategist and Visual Content Creator with over 500 million views on pexels.com. Track record in successfully launching and managing content marketing projects in the UK and globally.

Līga Lētiņa

Head of design at Printify

Liga is Head of Design at Printify, Print on demand platform, leading a remote first multidisciplinary team of product designers, researchers, graphic designers and photo & 3D designers. Liga is an experienced UX, service design leader with 12+ years of experience in design and strong believer in co-creation and collaboration methods for successful teams that create great products.

Prior Printify Liga was leading New initiatives at If P&C Insurance – working on digital transformation and automatisation projects, as well as promoting Design thinking approach in insurance business and engineering driven culture.

Liga has been actively involved in UX/Service design community development as a founder and curator of UX Riga conference, UI/UX Riga meet-up co-organiser, Global Service Jam Riga organiser, mentor and Tech-track Lead in Riga Tech Girls mentorship program.

Pauls Siliņš

Project Manager at Riga TechGirls

Pauls Siliņš currently works as the co-creator at Riga TechGirls, while previously he has worked in such institutions and companies as the National Library of Latvia, TechHub Riga, TechChill, and Helve. Mainly as a producer of events, but also as their host, public relations specialist, and comms person. As a hobby, he has dabbled in writing and music journalism.


Financial analyst

At her workplace, as a dedicated professional with a background in medicine and expertise in data quality management, Baiba brings a unique blend of analytical skills and diverse knowledge to the table. Outside her proffessional persuits, with needles and hooks as her trusty companions, Baiba channels her inner craft wizard, conjuring knit and crochet miracles to support the cause of our tiniest heroes – the prematurely born and abandoned newborns. When not spinning data magic or knitting hope, Baiba champions sustainable living and community development, aspiring to channel her efforts into meaningful contributions to society. She envisions a future where technology, including AI, contributes to societal well-being, aligning with her ambition to support healthy communities and brighter futures. While she might not prescribe laughter as a cure, Baiba certainly believes in the healing power of a good chuckle.